Voodoo To Go Festival
- the spirit of the music - 

The festival will focus on the cultural and artistic side of Voodoo, making it a new and unique festival in Europe. The festival will offer a varied program with music, dance, story telling, workshops, photo expo, debates, fashion shows and a market. Local and international artists will perform at various stages.

The festival will mix education and culture through:
- introduce visitors to the relatively unknown voodoo culture, that is much more than the puppet with needles
- put the voodoo culture(s) in a positive view
- promote music with links to voodoo culture(s)
- enhance cultural exchange between various groups. Voodoo is an identity symbol for people from (West) Africa, the Caribean, and South America where Voodoo culture(s) have developed due to slavery practices.

The target group of the festival are people interested in other cultures and languages, 'world music' lovers, Afro and Caraib communities in the Netherlands and Europe.

When and where
The festival will be organised from 18-20 September 2015 in Rasa. 

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